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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Q: Are you licensed?

        A: Yes, Harmony House Retreat is licensed as a tourist rooming house by the State of Wisconsin.


2. Q: Can I bring my own Cricut or Sewing Machine or other supplies?

        A: Yes, please feel free to bring any of these items. You may prefer to use your own or just like the convenience of having it at your table.


3. Q: Is there a scrapbooking/quilting store in the area?

       A: There is a Joann Fabrics in Kohler. The Sewing Basket is located in Plymouth.  Also, Crafter's Studio is 35 miles north in New Holstein. 


4: Q: Can we bring our own alcoholic beverages?

       A: Yes, there are wine glasses available for your use.

5. Q: What time is check-in and check-out?

       A: Check-in is 12 noon and check-out is 5 pm. However, if you would like to arrange different times, let me know.


6. Q: What should I bring with me on the retreat?

       A: Your personal scrapbooking or crafting supplies, personal toiletries, and don’t forget those comfy, lounging clothes and slippers. There is a TV and a DVD player so you might want to bring some movie favorites. There is a wireless printer you can connect to through your laptop, tablet or phone.


7. Q: Are any meals provided at the retreat?

       A: No food is provided. I do provide coffee, creamers, sugar packets and hot chocolate. There is also microwave popcorn. For your meals, there are area restaurants that deliver or you may go out to eat. You are welcome to bring your own food and do your own cooking in the kitchen. There is a dishwasher to make clean up easier. View a list of our kitchen inventory under the accommodations page.


8. Q: What about security?

       A: You will be given a code to the front door when you rent the house. You can use the code if everyone leaves the house and you want to be sure everything is secure.


9. Q: What happens if we accidentally pack up a scrapbooking supply from the work area and it comes home with us?

       A: We do an inventory check of the scrapbooking work area before you arrive to make sure all the supplies are there for your use. This same inventory checklist will be used when you are done using the scrapbooking work area. If we find that something is missing, we will contact the person who rented the retreat. You will be responsible for paying the shipping to have the item returned to us, and if it can’t be located the renter will be billed for the missing item.


10. Q: Are we responsible for cleaning?

       A: This is your time away from home, so we ask for minimal cleaning from you. Please clean up the kitchen and run the dishwasher before you leave, make sure you remove any food from the refrigerator. Put garbage bags in the container outside. Please leave beds unmade. We will take care of the rest!


11. Q: Is there a land line telephone?

       A: No, there is not a land line phone so be sure to bring along your cell phone.


12. Q: Is there cable TV?

       A: No, there is no cable TV but there is a DVD player for watching movies. We have many movies available. The TV is a SmartTV, so you can log into your online streaming accounts such as Netflix, Amazon Video and Hulu.

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